Claims of US election fraud: fractional voting

Mara Nale-Joakim
2 min readJan 1, 2021


Hidden in point 11 of the so-called Ramsland Affidavit is a claim about fractional votes. People noticed that the ‘running total’ percentage share of the vote in the output from Dominion’s voting machines was given as a fraction of 1 — standard practice when writing computer code. They used this to allege that the system was ‘weighing’ votes of a particular candidate — multiplying the vote totals by a weight to ensure a Biden win without being detected.

Ramsland’s evidence for the claim that ‘fractional voting’ was used.

Ramsland mentions that this is evidence of ‘ranked choice voting’ and refers us to the voting machine guide section 11.2.2. That does, indeed, mention some fractional voting methods to be used for complicated parliamentary election systems with ranked choice and single transferable voting — the voting machine is one designed to be used in a variety of elections all over the world. However, such a system is not applicable to presidential elections.

The fact it has that capability does not mean it is used — and Ramsland nowhere showed that the above output is one you only get from using those methods. He talks of ‘write-ins’, however a write-in has to be for a different candidate to the one on the ballot — those votes therefore cannot be assigned to Trump or Biden by definition and it would make no sense to assign fractions of those in case someone tried to cheat. The strongest argument against the fractional voting theory is the paper trail that has to follow every vote — referred to here — and how can a ‘fractional’ vote correspond to a paper ballot?

This strange idea of alleging that voting machines treat votes as fractions surface in various places. Interestingly, the whole idea predates the election. Jon Rappoport — a Republican — mentioned it before the 2016 election.

It is very hard to comment at greater length, because the evidence for the fractional voting allegation is so thin. Fortunately, Dominion and Smartmatic are suing, so we may be seeing some more detail — or speedy retractions, similar to the ones we have already seen.

PS: the ‘fractional voting’ claim is repeated in another report of Ramsland’s about the problems in Antrim County in Michigan.